Q: A link isn't working what's wrong?

A: There can be many reasons for that but it's almost never the device's fault. It's a cat and mouse game links go down, new links come up roll with the punches. Also check your internet connection.

Q: My device buffers a lot what should I do?

A: Reset your router(unplug) and forget the network in your device's wifi settings and re-enter your credentials.

Q: Do I need updates? If so how do I get them?

A: Yes you do you will receive a message every time a build update releases. There's also a download apps section where you can get all my latest apps.


Q: What happens if my device doesn't work?

A: It's very rare because the devices are new but please refer to the returns page for the policy.

Q: Can I use my keyboard with this?

A: Yes if it's bluetooth or wifi compatible

Q: I have multiple TVs I want to use this with do I need multiple devices?

A: Yes or move your device from TV to TV